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When it comes to any type of commercial fire protection for your business, we encourage you to trust the experts who have been doing this for a long time. In fact, Fire Solutions is the company delivering exceptional fire protection services for businesses, customers, and employees for 40 years and counting. Since 1987, we put the safety of our community in the trust of our complete fire protection solution

At Fire Solutions Inc., we go above and beyond in every way possible to make sure that we are providing exceptional services when it comes to your commercial sprinkler system or fire extinguisher service Richmond provider, Fire Solutions. Think about it logically. The whole reason you are in business is to serve yourself, your family, your employees, and your customers. That is why we make sure that we are providing you with quality, top of the line, fire protection solutions that protect the things that matter most to you – the whole reason you are in business. There is nothing like having improper maintenance on your fire sprinkler set up. After all, if a disaster ever strikes in your business, you want the absolute best service, a company with a proven track record with trusted products to protect your customers and your employees, the best at Fire Solutions.


The Complete Fire Solution

Fire Solutions Inc. is here to help you with a variety of your needs. We go above and beyond in every way possible to make sure that when it comes to fire solutions, you are using services that have been checked, backed, and solutions that are actually proven to help when disaster strikes, so you know you are taken care of. We don’t ever want you to take our word for it though. Put it to the test with our free, fire protection survey.

When finding a commercial fire protection company, you want to experience it. Something as important as protection for your business should not be in the hands of a company that lacks experience. At Fire Solutions, we were honored to be named as a Top Rated Contractor, voted by our customers in an open rated survey with a 98% satisfactory rate. That is the mission Fire Solutions created when beginning the company, and the mission is still carried out today


The Caldas Family

In 1986, The Caldas Family, Jose, and Fatima Caldas founded Fire Solutions as a way to build a business that provided a solid service the community needed, using their knowledge and skills acquired in the field of fire protection. They created what we now know as Fire Solutions, your top full-service design, installation, renovation, repair, inspection, and consulting of fire and life safety systems for businesses all across Virginia and even other surrounding states as needed. The Caldas Family makes FIre Solutions a great place to work, and excellent services rendered to the business owners in the community of Ashland and Richmond Virginia.


Excellent Fire Systems and Services

At Fire Solutions, our goal is to give you prompt and attentive service during your entire project. Whether we are doing a full-service installation, a routine maintenance check, or even any type of repair when you need it, we are here to help. We go above and beyond in every way possible to make sure that we are providing you with exceptional services no matter what.

We provide you with a comprehensive, integrated site survey for your business to determine the proper kind of fire extinguisher service Richmond or other fire system company services you may be needed in Virginia.

We work safely, we communicate effectively and we document each piece of the workflow involved in your fire protection compliance for your business. After all, most people at some point in their business need some type of documentation involving their fire protection efforts and inspections on fire extinguisher service Richmond maintenance. We take care of that for you. We have a great system that documents everything that we do including maintenance repairs, checks, audits, and more.

What are the Steps to Complete Fire Solutions for YOUR Business?


Schedule an Inspection

Scheduling doesn’t have to be difficult. Leave the hard work to the experts. That’s what we’re here for. Pick up the phone, answer our questions, we handle the rest!

Installation Process

We keep you posted every step of the way so you know exactly what to expect, during the entire installation process. We work hard to deliver on budget and on-time results for your entire fire solution process of installation.


This is the routine maintenance that quite frankly, you will need. For most people, running a business keeps them busy enough. They simply do not have the time to keep up with the ever-changing fire codes and updates, as well as maintenance check-ups on the products we installed. After all, it is always better to be safe than sorry and leave it to the experts who know the most out of all other fire extinguisher service Richmond providers.

**Never invest in a fire safety system and fail to maintain the inspection process.

We offer the following services at Fire Solutions:

  • Fire Sprinkler
  • Fire Alarm
  • Special Hazard (Engineered & Pre-Engineered Systems)
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Vehicle Fire Systems
  • Routine Fire Extinguisher Service Richmond Inspections

Contact sales@firesolutionsinc.com to schedule a site survey, or to simply ask questions about what we can do for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I seek fire safety systems in my company?

Make sure you are up to code. Fire negligence is a serious offense and the solution is only a call away. Don’t way. Call today.

What is the story of Fire Solutions?

Can See Fire Service, was founded in 1981 by Jose Caldas while working for a medical supply company as a division of that company. In 1986 Jose and Fatima Caldas purchased that division from the medical supply company.


In 1987 they started E.E.C. First Aid and Can See Fire Service Company Inc.

In 1997 E.E.C. First Aid was spun off and sold to Cintas Corporation

In 1997 Can See Fire Service Co. Inc. started doing business as Fire Solutions Inc.


Fire Solutions is a family-owned and operated company


In 1998 Fire Solutions acquired Cease Fire of Virginia and expanded operations with their DOT certified testing facilities, Carbon Dioxide recharging and Halon recharging capabilities.


Fire Solutions is SWAM Certified Small, Woman Owned, Minority with the Commonwealth of VA Department of Business Enterprise (#001124)

Fire Solutions is a Certified Woman Owned, Small, Minority Business (WBENC National Certificate #2005121836)


Fire Solutions has on staff:

o Mechanical Engineers

o Fire Protection Engineers

o Certified Fire Protection Specialists (CFPS)

o NICET Certified Technicians in the subfields of:

  • Inspection & Testing of Water-Based Systems
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Special Hazards Systems
  • Water-Based Systems Layout
What are the main services?

Fire Alarms

Fire Sprinklers

Fire Extinguisher Service Richmond

Constant Maintenance and Inspections of the System and Compliance

Is Fire Solutions Hiring?

We encourage you to give us a call at (888) 225-3473 and ask about how you can join the Fire Solutions Team!